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Couples / Buddy Personal Training

Couples Fitness Training

Two individuals working on their fitness together always makes for a happier, healthier and more fit couple.

Our trainers love working with couples and have experience catering the workout so that both individuals are trained well together!

Couples Training & Weight Loss:

  • Workout and increase energy as a couple
  • Learn the science behind weight loss with a knowledgeable trainer
  • Save money with our couples training discount
  • Tone up together and look better for each other
  • Nutrition plan and dietary advice
  • Learn to fuel your body with the right foods


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It’s Not Just Personal Training, It’s A Lifestyle Change!

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“Ben is a great trainer! He has a fun personality and makes the training enjoyable. He also is great at listening to your desires and goals and making sure you achieve them. If Ben still lived in the same city as me, he would still be my trainer, no question.”
Kiran Gupta

Mom and Patent Lawyer

Before and After

*The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in our training and/or nutrition programs. Results may vary based on individual user and can not be guaranteed.

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