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Body Sculpting & Toning

The time to tone up is now!

At Elite Training Tulsa, we have some of the best trainers in the nation for men and women wanting to tone and sculpt their bodies. We provide spot-specific toning and overall weight loss.

There is a science behind toning up. Using a personal trainer will help you understand which exercises to do in order to target the right muscles.

  • Get full body toning and sculpting with an Elite South Personal Trainer
  • Learn how to firm up your body
  • Don’t gain bulk muscle – get lean muscle tone
  • Get a cardio routine to keep the weight off and a nutrition plan to live healthier
  • Spot specific toning and sculpting

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It’s Not Just Personal Training, It’s A Lifestyle Change!

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“Elite Training has pushed my much harder than I could have pushed myself and because of it I have accomplished much more goals than I could have ever accomplished on my own!”
Lydia Fowler

College Student/Waitress

Before and After

*The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in our training and/or nutrition programs. Results may vary based on individual user and can not be guaranteed.

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