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Personal Training vs Bootcamp vs CrossFit

You have goals for your body and your life. Perhaps you want to lose weight or get fit. Maybe you want to feel more comfortable with your appearance. Whatever your goals, you must start somewhere — but there are so many fitness programs to choose from. How do you choose the right one?

Making a decision that’s right for you can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Here’s a look at three common fitness approaches — to help you make the right decision with knowledge and confidence.

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It’s Not Just Personal Training, It’s A Lifestyle Change!

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an intense, athletic workout that blends strength training, aerobics and gymnastics. It focuses on performance rather than weight loss, and exercises concentrate on large muscle groups like the legs and core. Olympic-style weightlifting, explosive pull-ups, gymnastic moves, sprints, cycling, burpees and squats are all common CrossFit drills.


• The team environment encourages people to work out regularly.
• Workouts are different each day, preventing boredom.
• Multiple classes are held daily to accommodate people’s busy schedules.


• Injuries are common because the movements are complex and intense.
• Clients outnumber coaches, decreasing personalized attention.
• Because it requires flexibility, CrossFit is not ideal for many people.

What is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp classes are taught like a military training session. Often held outdoors, these sessions train large groups of up to 100 people at a time. Movements concentrate on calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, such as squats, push-ups and burpees. Equipment is low-tech, such as free weights, jump ropes, medicine balls and resistance bands.


• Bootcamp is a relatively inexpensive fitness option.
• The program is easy to do anywhere.
• Large classes create camaraderie and fun during tough workouts.


• Large class sizes can be overwhelming.
• Lack of individualized attention.
• Same muscles groups get exercised repeatedly, leading to plateaus or injuries.

What is Personal Training?

Personal training is an individualized fitness program, designed with each client’s specific fitness level and goals in mind. Workouts take place in one-on-one sessions, featuring a variety of high-tech equipment, low-tech equipment and bodyweight exercises. Nutrition is often incorporated. Trainers take a compassionate approach as they instruct each client on proper movements.


• The individualized approach ensures clients get a varied workout that fits their needs, every time.
• The one-on-one sessions allow clients to learn how to properly execute each movement, greatly decreasing the likelihood of injuries from incorrect performance or overuse.
• Clients enjoy the accountability, support and motivation a personal trainer provides — which boosts long-term results.


• The one-on-one model requires a more significant financial investment.
• It’s important to ensure your personal trainer has proper certification, experience and a good track record with other clients.

Why Our Clients Love Personal Training

Personal training is one of the best ways to ensure you achieve your long-term fitness goals. By creating a program that addresses your unique needs, challenges, preferences and goals, our caring, compassionate trainers can help you be happy about your workout and gain confidence in how you look and feel.

All of our trainers are qualified, certified professionals who help you stay safe and injury-free as you reach your fitness goals. We offer affordable options and a free session so you can easily get started and see the benefits of personal training for yourself.

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It’s Not Just Personal Training, It’s A Lifestyle Change!

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I have been training at Elite Training Tulsa for the last 6 months. This was my first experience with a personal trainer, and I was a bit nervous to begin. After I came home from the first free session, I felt incredible and could not wait to return. My trainer, Whitney, encourages me and motivates me to work harder than I would on my own. I am stronger not only physically but mentally as well. If you are fearful at first to try it out, go for it! You won’t regret it.”
Daniel Koch

Lost 30 and built muscle

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