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Picture yourself in the best shape you’ve been in during your life. What would it feel like to get back there, and perhaps even exceed it? Getting and staying motivated for work outs is key. But amidst the multiple demands of each day, how exactly do we get motivated—and stay inspired in order to reach our fitness goals?

Gym commitment isn’t automatic; it’s cultivated intentionally. Here are 5 ways to stay motivated for working out:

1. Define your motive.

Motivation begins with a motive—a reason or purpose for doing something. So, define what your purpose is for regular workouts. Boost your workout motivation by writing down your goals. Maybe you want to conquer your first triathlon, 5K race, or simply get ready for summer fun.

Perhaps you just want to avoid feeling sluggish, or tired all the time. Whatever your motive for getting into shape, define it. When you feel like sleeping in, imagine how getting your goal accomplished will feel, and it will propel you to get moving.

2. Reward yourself.

You can actually create a neurological good habit loop by conditioning yourself to cue the workout routine, do the routine, and reward the routine.
Cue the routine – Put your gym bag in the car so you can stop there on the way to or from work.
Do the routine – Take the spin class, lift the weights, run the track at the neighborhood jogging trail, or work with your trainer on developing a new workout program.
Reward the routine – Get into the habit of rewarding yourself after you complete your workout. Once your brain realizes working out is worthwhile, it increases the odds that your routine will become a habit. In time, your brain will realize the workout is the reward, and you won’t even need the additional outside rewards you needed to create the habit.

3. Commit yourself to follow-through.

Some call it a commitment contract, others a pledge. Whatever your description, if you choose to give a friend your word about working out, you’re more likely to follow through with it than if you kept your goal to yourself. Put it this way: If you pay for a gym membership, then don’t workout, it’s costing you. So instead of skipping your workout, set it up that you pay a friend a penalty of $20 if you miss a workout.

It’s easy to recognize the long-term benefits of gym motivation, and you are more likely to stay committed by sharing your commitment with a friend. Take it one step farther by asking your friend to hold you accountable.

4. Plan to overcome potential obstacles.

It’s no surprise that once you make a fitness goal, obstacles will appear to try to block your performance. Plan ahead how you will overcome the barriers that try to hold you back. For example, if you’re having trouble getting up early to work out, plan ahead for a lunchbreak workout, or a spin class on your way home from the office. There is always a solution, but sometimes the best time to solve a problem is in advance—before it even comes up. The key is to identify what could hold you back and plan ahead to overcome that hurdle.

If you could find excuses for not heading to the gym for a class after work, plan ahead and stay motivated toward your goals.

5. Find friends to work out with.

A strong, supportive workout community will draw you in and keep you motivated. The culture of “we” goes a long way when it comes to staying motivated for workouts. Everybody needs encouragement, and there’s truth to the law of sowing and reaping. So, if you dish out encouragement and strengthen your friends and others in your workout community, you’ll receive the same encouragement back—right when you need it.

Think outside the box when it comes to workout communities: running clubs, community park fitness classes, spin classes at a local gym, or even Pilates in front of the TV at home with your spouse.

Smiles and words of encouragement draw people together around the common goal of fitness. Community and the power of the team will strengthen your resolve to keep motivated and encouraged in your health and fitness goals.

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