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FMS Training Tulsa

Wondering Why You’re Not Getting Results? This One Assessment Can Transform Your Workouts

If you’ve been working out but you aren’t seeing the extra weight come off or your muscles get toned, don’t give up. Getting the results you desire from your regular exercise program can be as simple as fine-tuning your workout to fit your body’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Fortunately, Elite Training has a powerful, practical tool to help assess your body’s most important needs and get better, faster fitness results — it’s called the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

What Is FMS, and How Can It Help?

Many people workout haphazardly, just trying to burn calories. But your body is unique. And you’ll experience better results when you train with your specific physical needs in mind.

How the FMS Works

The Functional Movement Screen takes you through 7 fundamental movements to see how you move. It identifies your individual areas of strength, weakness, immobility, instability, and dysfunction. By getting the detailed results of an FMS screening, you and your personal trainer can design a workout plan that will target any weak areas, help you increase mobility, develop more stability of movement, and take into account any chronic injuries you may be especially susceptible to.

Better Workouts, Better Results

With the FMS, you’ll have a better road map to reaching your fitness goals safely and rapidly. You can expect more productive, more satisfying workouts that lead to the weight loss, attractive and toned body, and healthy lifestyle you’re craving.

FMS Training Tulsa

Use FMS and Get the Fit, Healthy Body You Deserve

Getting an FMS assessment is simple and easy—and it’ll get your workout on track for the fitness results you want to see.

To learn more about how a Functional Movement Screen can jumpstart your workout or to sign up for an FMS assessment, contact Elite Training Tulsa today at (918) 771-0507 or visit our online contact page. We look forward to assisting you as you pursue your fitness goals and achieve better overall fitness, the weight loss or appearance you’re aiming for, and a healthier life.

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