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Personal Training Testimonials from Clients
Physical Rehab Training Tulsa

Andrew York talks about his experience with corrective personal training at Elite Training Tulsa.

Tulsa Weight Loss

Penny talks about how she lost weight with Elite Training personal trainers.

Personal Training Tulsa – Elite Training

Daniel talks about how Elite Training has helped him with competitive training and how it keeps him accountable and on the cutting edge.

Tulsa Weight Loss Testimonial

Caroline talks about her experience at Elite Training and her weight loss.

Tulsa Personal Trainers
Dmitry Masarsky

E1 Trainer - Sign up now

Dmitry pursued pro-wrestling and attended Ultimate Pro-Wrestling University in Los Angeles. He has toured the United States and uses his experience from wrestling to help motivate others - Trainer Profile...
Christopher McGinnis

E1 Trainer - Sign up now

Chris is an active duty United States Marine. For the past 15 years, his focus has been to bring out the best in overall performance by learning from his fellow Marines. To do this, a weight training regimen is imperative - Trainer Profile...

Sarah Sheppard
Sarah Sheppard

E1 Trainer - Sign up now

Sarah was an All-American Pole Vaulter at the University of Oklahoma. She specializes in a wide range of training including weight loss, injury rehabilitation, toning, building long, speed training and strength training - Trainer Profile...

Whitney Finch
Whitney Finch

E2 Trainer - Sign up now

Whitney attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University where he received a BA in Chemistry. His very first client won the swimsuit competition in the Miss Southwestern Pageant  - Trainer Profile...

Annie Medico

E2 Trainer - Sign up now

Annie has a Master’s Degree in Education with a Kinesiology and Sport emphasis and a Health and Wellness degree from Missouri State University where she was a collegiate softball player - Trainer Profile...

Michael Wittig
Michael Wittig

E2 Trainer - Sign up now

Since his first weight bench at age 11, Michael loves helping others reach their personal goals of losing weight, toning, building muscle, being healthier, and just feeling better inside and out - Trainer Profile...

Daniel Brafford

E3 Trainer - Sign up now

Daniel has a BS Degree in Exercise Science from KU. He has 11 Training Certifications in Strength, Sports, CrossFit, Endurance, Weight Loss, Golf Training and Mobility, Wellness and Well-being - Trainer Profile...

Brandie Galvin
Brandie Galvin

E2 Trainer - Sign up now

Brandie is a certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She’s worked to train individuals with physical issues, to achieve weight loss goals and increase cardio health. - Trainer Profile...

Kori Shepherd

E1 Trainer - Sign up now

Kori is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. It is her personal goal to help her clients instill wholesome, balanced health and fitness principles into their daily lives - Trainer Profile...

Tony Rojas

E2 Trainer - Sign up now

Tony has trained all types of clients and has the experience and success in helping them reach their goals. Tony had the privilege to play pro-soccer in Argentina and currently plays with the Tulsa Revolution - Trainer Profile...

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Rick Fern

E1 Trainer - Sign up now

Having trained under Boyd Epply, Rick has been involved in training for over 30 years. He has trained athletes on the high school and college level for football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and baseball - Trainer Profile...

Joshua Davis

E1 Trainer - Sign up now

Josh became a certified Personal Trainer in 2011 and is a second degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. He is currently working on his Masters in Nutrition and becoming a Registered Dietitian - Trainer Profile...

Benjamin Wisan

E2 Trainer - Sign up now

Hi, my name is Ben Wisan, I am a very experienced personal trainer, I have trained for7+ years in California and Oklahoma - Trainer Profile...

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Elite Training was started to make high quality personal training available at an affordable price. We charge half the price of training at most corporate gyms (Gold’s, Lifetime, Platinum, 10Gym). Our trainers have some of the best certs and degrees in the area. At Elite Training, it’s all about the client!


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